What is is about ?

From the Temporal to the Eternal !

The Prayer station is all about caring for people, being there when they need someone to listen. As people present us with their felt needs we pray for them and also allow the Spirit of God to lead us while we pray for their needs.We begin with the temporal and move to the eternal...

We listen a lot and pray. We share an encouragement as the Lord lead us.
Our teams are made up of Staff and volunteers who have a passion for people well being.

We presently hold about 6 Prayer Stations every year but, our vision is to hold at least one Prayer Station every month or every week. We need short or long term volunteers to help on a regular base.

Come Join us!

The ministry of Prayer Station is based on the fact that we are providing an opportunity to pray for people who have a variety of needs and believing that God will hear our prayer and act on they behalf of those we pray for. Our prayer of faith then becomes to allow God to work in their lives and a starting point to share God's Love.