Typical Volunteer Schedule :

Breakfast is taken together at 7:30 followed by a short devotion time . Your day will typically end at about 5:30 to p.m. You will be visiting and serving alongside our long-term staff as well as our students when we have a school on, throughout meal times, service, and community events. We work about  6 to 8 hours per day, Monday through Friday. At time depending on what we are doing at the season. Work hours may be adjusted to fit particular needs.

Weekends are usually free for resting, exploring, and attending the church of your choice. unless a particular program requires a special attention on those days. Also, volunteer doing mobilization and promotion may be call to serve on occasion on weekend when needed.

Our base does have base events which full time volunteers are required to attend. the they are activated Those are:
- Mornings devotions and worship (Mondays, Thursdays and Fridays)
- Wednesday Intercession
- Thursday afternoon staff meeting if necessary
- Community or social time usually Friday night or schedule days.
Your job as a volunteer will be assigned according to the needs of the campus at the time you arrive. We try our best to place you in your area of expertise and interest, however that may not always be possible.

NB: Visiting Guest are not require to fit into this establish program since they may be around for a different focus: retreat Rest or Prayer or more.


As a volunteer, you will be housed in one of our rooms with multiple beds or bunk beds. You will probably be sharing the room with other volunteers or students of the same gender unless you are here when others are on vacation or off. If you are single, you will likely have roommates. Couples need to let us know in advance as they may have their own room but, may have to share a common bathroom and living rooms with others where they can gather for fellowship.

We will work with families to find the best suited setting for them and depending on the availability of Housing in that season. Our vision is to become a family friendly Campus with a playground and other amenities for children as God Provide.

A coin-fed laundry machine is available at the base (local EC$ coins only) as well as a WIFI Network accessible with a voucher purchase at our office at a reasonable cost to support the ministry.

Important: for safety and cultural sensibility bellow are some recommendation living at our YWAM compound:

- no open flames or smoking in the YWAM compound
- no alcohol beverage at the YWAM Compound
- be sensitive to others convictions and their well-being


There is a no application fee for volunteers however your travel, communication, entertainment, and laundry expenses are not provided and it is your responsibility.

You will be expected to pay your volunteer fee before arrival or in advance (see Volunteer's fees Schedules), as well as have a plan to pay the rest of your fees for the duration of your time here.

If your commitment is for several months, each following month’s fees should be paid at least a week prior to the month start. This fees includes your housing, food, and basic utilities (water, electricity ...) and basic appliances available at the base only. These prices are based on a single adult volunteer. For more pricing information, please contact us. 

Staying in Saint Lucia, Visa & immigration requirements for non Saint Lucians or non OECS citizens.

At the port of Entry EU citizens may obtain 3 months visa, North American citizen and other nationalities obtain 6 weeks Visa or less. (other CARICOM citizen non OECS may obtain up to 6 months) After expiration this visa will need to be extended. most of these visa are stamp with work not permitted.

Normally when your Volunteer application is accepted with us, if there is no change in the regulations, YWAM St. Lucia will notify the Government Ministry in charge or Social Transformation and Faith base of the arrival of the Short term volunteer providing some basic informations: dates (of arrival and departure), identification (copy of passport and photos), purpose of the short term mission etc... from What the Government will be able to provide a cover letter allowing the volunteer to obtain Visa Extension from Immigration when it is due at a cost of US$80 per month per passport. This is only for short term volunteers because Long term will require work Permit or exemption involving a longer process and requiring additional paper work such as Police record and more.

If you have any preoccupation please contact us in advance