About the Fotso Family

Marylin and Guy have previously served in West and Central Africa, South America, they move to Saint Lucia to pioneer this Youth With A Missions Campus in the Caribbean Nation, following a prompting of the Lord in Costa Rica during another year of training and service there in Central America.

Their Background training in Agronomy and Frontier Missions give them an interesting blend on the mission field. they have sense God Leading them to use their skills to prepare, the Next Wave. In 2011 God blessed them with a dynamic boy named Asaph.   Guy Marylin and Asaph are presently involve in discipleship programs and many other Ministries with YWAM in the island nation of Saint Lucia. Their vision is to see the blessed people of Saint Lucia and the Caribbean be empower to share their faith and potential beyond; that the Caribbean wave will take off to be a blessing to the Nations and the un-reached. To see the un-reached reached remain one of their greatest passion and Burden.

Praying for The Fotso Family

  • Pray for our walk with God and our Family life

  • Pray for the anointing and direction of The Spirit of God in our lives and ministry

  • For God to place the right people on our way. That we will built the partnership needed for this task·

  • For our full support and provision as we trust God with our live and serve Him Full Time.

  • In this season of our life and ministry we sense the need to move the family in it's own apartment/house outside or near the YWAM base. Please pray and consider helping us toward this project.

 Connect with us via WhatsApp at: https://wa.me/17585200183

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Situation Here in Saint Lucia

Many of the young people in Saint Lucia and the Caribbean in general are facing various forms of crisis, despite their many gifting, talents and overflowing energy, desperation and violence are just some of the visible sign. Some of those in the faith lack substance and are often unequipped to win their peers to Christ, while others remain indifferent; there is a great need for Discipleship and to re-channel the passion and energy of our youth from selfishness and materialism into the love of God, missions and His ultimate purpose for each one.

Our vision is to see this generation mobilized, discipled and equipped from a biblical perspectives with Love, skills, and more to serve not only their communities, but also reaching the Nations and the least reached !

Luke 9:28- 43

When God reveal His Glory to us the greatest temptation is to   lock it in our selfishness and keep it ours, not wanting to share with other but the Lord want this to deepen our faith so that when the moment come we are ready to Glorify Him and share His Love serving other.